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Fractal Tree

This project is a fractal Tree written in JavaScript. You have sliders where you can adjust some values like the left or right angle difference. You can also disable the color of the tree or changing the size. When you press at the Update button the Tree is recalculated and repainted on the canvas. The Tree itself is calculated recursively.

About this Page

A description about the techniques used to realize this page and where HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery have been used.


Here You can find some Screencasts of me explaining How to Install Mysql on Linux or Windows or the Installation of a Typo3 template


EasyBlog is a simple Blogging Software where you have users and every User has a Blog where he can post Articles. This Project uses a mysql Database and PHP to manage the Webpage. I also used Bootstrap as a Framework to manage the style of the Wepage.
Demo Page
Source Code